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Elevating experiences in shopping, entertainment, and more, make way for AMR Planet Mall

Located at A S Rao Nagar, ECIL, Moula Ali, Secunderabad, AMR Planet Mall emerges as one of the best malls in Secunderabad.


It is surreal to learn about all those platforms, brands, and businesses that have only seen upward growth over the years. What could have helped push these businesses on a constant growth pedestal? Among myriad factors, no one can deny the winning strategies and incredible products/services these businesses offer their target demographic while pushing boundaries and spellbinding customers with all they offer.


 AMR Planet Mall is one of the best examples of an incredible brand in the world of shopping malls. This hottest shopping destination has now become the go-to place for families and friends who seek the best brands for shopping, the most delectable cuisines and food options, and the best entertainment experiences.


AMR Planet Mall stands tall as one of the best malls in Hyderabad, and today, it has become a hub for everything entertaining, with gaming zones, theatre experiences, and so much more. It is located at the heart of the city in A S Rao Nagar, ECIL, Moula Ali, Secunderabad, emerging as the favorite destination for all seeking a great blend of shopping, entertainment, food, and fun. This has helped it grow beyond being just a mall in Secunderabad.


For shoppers, this is a haven with top-notch brands like Lifestyle, Reliance Trends, Lee Cooper, Mamaearth, UCB, John Players, Style Union, Go Colors, and many others. However, AMR Planet Mall not only caters to customers’ fashion choices but also wins hearts by offering them some of the most mouth-watering food outlets and brands. 


It offers people a diverse range of local and international delicacies from brands like Pizza Hut, Haldiram’s, Fryland, KFC, Burger King, and Telangana Express Train restaurant and the list is endless. For movie buffs and film lovers, the place offers Movie Max a seven-screen multiplex experience where they can enjoy the latest blockbusters with their friends, family, and close ones. On the other hand, it also provides them a gaming paradise with a gaming zone, promising limitless entertainment with VR gaming, bowling, and so much more for the little ones as well as the adults.


What has also helped AMR Planet Mall stand apart is the number of events it hosts yearly, from concerts, and shopping festivals, to lucky draws, and so much more. Besides this, several exciting offers at the shopping mall include Gaming Thursdays with up to 50% off in the gaming zone, up to 50% off at the Food Court with Foodie Wednesdays, and also the Spring Summer Sale with the chance to win enticing vouchers every hour.


If you seek family entertainment, shopping offers from the best fashion brands, and entertainment experiences, AMR Planet Mall is your one-stop solution.

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