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‘Mortified’: Following Kate Middleton’s cancer revelation, Blake Lively apologizes for her ‘Photoshop fails’ post

<p>The 36-year-old actress Blake Lively, who founded Betty Buzz sparkling mixers, took an unexpected turn when she revealed four new flavors for her company. She cleverly alluded to the controversy surrounding Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day picture on social media to anticipate the announcement. But when Kate disclosed her cancer diagnosis, Lively was forced to apologize, elaborating on comments that seemed to refer to Middleton.</p>
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<p>Blake Lively has apologized for remarks she made recently that seemed to be directed at Kate Middleton. The former cast member of Gossip Girl seemed to play down the controversy over Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo, which the Duchess acknowledged she edited, in a picture released last week to promote her sparkling mixer firm, Betty Buzz.</p>
<p>But on Friday, it was revealed that Kate Middleton was receiving chemotherapy after receiving a cancer diagnosis. The royal family and many other notable figures have responded by extending their support. Lively seems to be one of the people reacting to the information.</p>
<p>The 36-year-old actress apologized profusely on her Instagram Stories, expressing sorry for any hurt her previous words may have caused.</p>
<p>“I’m sure nobody cares today but I feel like I have to acknowledge this,” Lively wrote. I published a joke post on the craze for “photoshop fails,” and holy crap, that post makes me laugh so hard now. I apologize. Love and best wishes to everyone, always.”</p>
<p>She did not, however, expressly mention Kate’s name in her message. Lively included a picture with heavily Photoshopped effects in her first post. One of these adjustments included an absurdly large lemon that was dropping from the sky above her, giving the picture a whimsical feel.</p>
<p>Kensington Palace published a personal video statement on Friday, in which the Princess of Wales disclosed her cancer diagnosis.</p>
<p>Following Kate’s “planned abdominal surgery” in January, this health declaration was made. The princess said that it was thought to be a non-cancerous problem during her operation. Later postoperative testing, however, indicated the existence of malignancy.</p>
<p>It was not made public what kind of cancer the princess has. Kensington Palace released a statement saying, “We will not be disclosing any further personal health information. Like everyone else, the princess has a right to medical privacy.”</p>
<p>In a tearful video, Princess Kate expressed her gratitude to her supporters for their “wonderful messages of support” and described the last few months as “an incredibly tough couple of months for our entire family.”</p>
<p>“I had major abdominal surgery in January in London, and at the time, we believed that I didn’t have cancer,” she said. The procedure went well. On the other hand, postoperative testing revealed the presence of malignancy. As a result, my medical team recommended that I start a prophylactic chemotherapy course, which I am now doing.”</p>
<p>After making her news, Kate asked everyone to please be patient with her as she received treatment and started her road to recovery.</p>
<p>As a family, we now need some time, space, and solitude as I finish my treatment, and we hope that you will appreciate this,” she said. I’ve always been really happy at work, and I look forward to returning when I can, but for the time being, I have to concentrate on getting well.</p>

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