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The Premier League has charged Leicester for an alleged financial breach

<p>The Premier League has sent Championship team Leicester to an independent commission due to a purported violation of sustainability and profitability regulations during the team’s last three seasons in the top division.</p>
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<p>Leicester, who are now second in the Championship and hoping to immediately return to the Premier League after their relegation from the previous season, might lose points if it is discovered that they violated the financial rules.</p>
<p>In a statement released on Thursday, it was said that Leicester City FC had been referred by the Premier League to an independent commission for allegedly violating the Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) and neglecting to provide the League with their audited financial reports.</p>
<p>The alleged violation pertains to the evaluation phase concluding the 2022–2023 season, during which the team was a Premier League participant.</p>
<p>Prior to the implementation of the Premier League’s new Standard Directions, which provide a timeframe for PSR matters to be adjudicated, Leicester City was demoted to the EFL Championship.</p>
<p>“As a result, the independent commission will establish a timeline for the proceedings, and it will publish its final decision on the Premier League website.”</p>
<p>Leicester’s financial statements for their last Premier League season are not accessible to the general public.</p>
<p>The Foxes had a pre-tax loss of £33.1 million the previous year and lost £92.5 million ($117 million) in the 12 months ending in May 2022.</p>
<p>According to Premier League regulations, teams may lose up to £105 million in three years or £35 million per season.</p>
<p>In addition, the English Football League, which oversees the three divisions under the Premier League, is looking into Leicester’s finances.</p>
<p>The Premier League’s actions today had Leicester City shocked, the club said.</p>
<p>“Even though LCFC is not now a Premier League team, the club is very unhappy that the Premier League has decided to charge LCFC at this time, given the club’s attempts to interact positively with the Premier League over the issues that are the focus of this charge.</p>
<p>“LCFC is still prepared and happy to work cooperatively with the Premier League and the EFL to ensure that any prospective charges are properly resolved by the appropriate parties at the appropriate time.</p>
<p>“The club is still seeking cautious advice regarding its stance and will defend itself if needed against any illegal actions by the football authorities, should they attempt to assert authority in areas where they are unable to, as happened earlier this year.”</p>
<p>This week, Nottingham Forest lost four points and fell into the relegation zone when it was discovered that they had violated Premier League financial restrictions.</p>
<p>After an appeal, Everton’s original 10-point penalty for violating the profitability and sustainability standards was lowered to six, although they are still awaiting the outcome of a hearing over a second charge.</p>

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