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ReadyAssist And Okinawa Autotech Collaborate To Transform EV Customer Support

<p>Okinawa Autotech, a leading leader in the production of electric vehicles (EVs) with two wheels, has teamed up with ReadyAssist, a leading provider of roadside assistance (RSA) and auto maintenance services.</p>
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<p>According to the press release, the goal of this partnership is to provide Okinawa 2W clients with the best possible after-sales care and all-encompassing emergency assistance.</p>
<p>Okinawa Autotech is well known for its cutting-edge, low-energy 2W E-vehicles. Joining forces with ReadyAssist, a company renowned for cutting edge technology and first-rate post-purchase assistance, is a wonderful fit with Okinawa’s principles.</p>
<p>Customers in Okinawa can expect prompt and effective support from ReadyAssist, whose knowledgeable technicians are on call around the clock, thanks to this cooperation. Their licensed technicians assure timely and competent support, and their app-based platform makes getting help easy.</p>
<p>“This collaboration signifies our dedication to providing exceptional service to our valued customers,” said Okinawa’s Head of Service, Vikas Ratra. Our goals for the development of EVs in India are ideally aligned with ReadyAssist’s experience and dedication to innovation.</p>
<p>With this alliance, ReadyAssist continues its eighth cooperation of FY23, underscoring its standing in the rapidly changing EV industry. It not only demonstrates Okinawa’s commitment to provide top-notch service, but it also demonstrates ReadyAssist’s will to transform after-sales assistance in the ever-evolving EV industry.</p>
<p>The Okinawa-ReadyAssist cooperation seeks to change the experience of owning an electric vehicle (EV) and establish new standards for service excellence as India moves closer to sustainable transportation.</p>

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