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“I’m Sure Pakistan Will Host the Champions Trophy in 2025”: PCB Chief Is Not Thinking About The ICC Tournament Changing Locations

<p>The 2025 ICC Champions Trophy is scheduled to take place in Pakistan, however, rumors are swirling that if India refuses to go over the border for the competition, the tournament may be moved outside of the nation or may be hosted in a hybrid format similar to the 2023 Asia Cup.</p>
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<p>The BCCI refused to send its men’s squad to Pakistan for the Asia Cup last year, citing the Indian government’s refusal of permission. In the end, the continental competition took place mostly in the island country of Sri Lanka, although it was also hosted in Pakistan.</p>
<p>The Chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mohsin Naqvi, has now expressed confidence that the Champions Trophy will take place as scheduled.</p>
<p>“We are confident, and I’m not even thinking along those lines. We will hold the Champions Trophy in Pakistan as planned,” news agency PTI cited Naqvi as saying.</p>
<p>On the fringes of an ICC conference in Dubai last week, Naqvi had a meeting with BCCI secretary Jay Shah.</p>
<p>Naqvi said, “Yes, we had a nice conversation for a while, but it wouldn’t be wise to share specifics.”</p>
<p>According to a recent PTI report, India would not be asked by the ICC to disobey any government legislation that prohibits travel to Pakistan.</p>
<p>Three stadiums—Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi—have been selected to host the Champions Trophy matches; Naqvi said that these locations would be renovated.</p>
<p>“As I speak, plans are being developed, and work on these three stadiums will soon start to give the fans the best possible experience when watching the matches at the venues,” the speaker said.</p>
<p>Since the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, which claimed over 150 lives, India and Pakistan have not played bilateral cricket. An Indian cricket team last visited Pakistan in June or July of 2008 for the Asia Cup.</p>

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