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Now That YouTube Wants Creators To Label AI-Generated Videos, What We Know Could Cause Major Issues

<p>YouTube is targeting artificial intelligence (AI)-generated video on the network and is requesting that users and producers identify content that has been produced artificially. The platform’s concern about films made using AI technologies is evident from the labeling of AI material. It is possible that certain movies or audio have been altered in an attempt to deceive users.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-525964″ src=”” alt=” now that youtube wants creators to label ai generated videos what we know could ca” width=”1015″ height=”761″ title=”Now That YouTube Wants Creators To Label AI-Generated Videos, What We Know Could Cause Major Issues 9″></p>
<p>YouTube understands the importance of being transparent about the specifics of the video you see, and it actively pursues openness from content providers in the hopes that the self-label rule will be appropriately adhered to.</p>
<p>This week, YouTube announced a new feature that would force artists to notify users when realistic video—that is, content that one might easily mistake for authentic—was created using synthetic or manipulated media, including generative AI.</p>
<p>YouTube Shorts and normal videos will also have the AI label inserted for the benefit of viewers. However, footage that has been altered using beauty filters, special effects like background blur, and animation-like edits doesn’t need unique labels on YouTube.</p>
<p>These platforms are now concerned about AI-generated material, but the government is aware that companies like Meta, YouTube, and Google need to take proactive measures to prevent AI from being abused to spread false information and fake news.</p>
<p>This year, there are two major elections in the US and India. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to target voters with highly distorted material, therefore, YouTube has to monitor what sort of content is posted and ensure that content created by AI is properly labeled. It has been difficult to monitor YouTube’s other content-related issues. However, we are confident that the platform will better handle the AI age; if not, it might spark a significant digital conflict.</p>

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