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According to reports, Elvish Yadav REVEALS Providing Snake Venom at Rave Parties for Startling Reasons

<p>The Bigg Boss OTT winner, Elvish Yadav, was placed under arrest in relation to the snake venom-rave party issue and thereafter sent in judicial prison for a period of 14 days. What Elvish’s alleged motivation was for providing snake venom at rave parties has come to light, almost two days after Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner was arrested. While financial gain was undoubtedly a factor, media accounts claim that Elvish provided the snake poison to “enhance his fan base” and to give the impression that he was well-dressed. Elvish is involved in a Wildlife Act case in Noida for planning to use snake venom during rave parties.</p>
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<p>The 26-year-old YouTuber, who at first denied any involvement in the matter, has now admitted to organizing snake venom at these gatherings, according to police sources. The most recent assessment casts doubt on the police’s claims that Elvish confessed to the murders. The Indian Express was told by a police source that “Yadav did not accept the crime during questioning, but we have a lot of evidence.” For him, the purpose was to flaunt his “bhaukaal” or “swag.” He aimed to convey to his followers that he is totally fearless of law enforcement and that he is free to do as he pleases.”</p>
<p>Police sources claim that they have detected the usage of snake venom at over six parties, all of which had links to Elvish. “Those who attended the parties in question are being identified; appropriate action will be taken against them for using the snake venom.”</p>
<p>The investigation, meanwhile, centers on the alleged recreational use of snake venom during rave parties in Noida last year. The YouTuber is accused of arranging for snake venom to be present at these events and of using real snakes in his videos. Following a search on a banquet facility in Noida’s Sector 51, the police discovered a snake smuggling business in November of last year. Five people were arrested at the banquet hall for their roles in delivering snake venom, four of them were snake charmers.</p>
<p>The suspects also had nine snakes taken from them, including cobras and other poisonous species. Samples taken from the scene were found to contain cobra and krait venom, which was later verified by forensic investigation.</p>

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