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Matthew Perry’s will discloses the beneficiaries, with the actor pointing out that ‘any offspring’ would not be eligible for inheritance

<p>New information about a will that popular “Friends” actor Matthew Perry left behind has surfaced as fans grieve his passing.</p>
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<p>The legal document’s contents, which are now available to the public, include information on his beneficiaries, estate, and asset distribution. People magazine received a copy of Perry’s will that had been legally filed, over five months after his death. As beneficiaries of his trust, Perry included his sister Caitlin Morrison, former lover Rachel Dunn, and parents John Perry and Suzanne Morrison, according to the newspaper.<br />
The ‘Alvy Singer Living Trust’ will house Perry’s possessions in remembrance of Woody Allen’s beloved role in the movie Annie Hall.<br />
Perry’s 2022 book, “Friends Lovers – And The Big Terrible Thing,” included a heartfelt recollection of viewing the film with his mother as a youngster, therefore the choice of name has special meaning for him.<br />
Perry drafted his will in 2009, but included a noteworthy clause that said any children he could have fathered would not be eligible to inherit his fortune. Legal records, however, attest to the actor’s childlessness.<br />
The executors of Perry have given his personal belongings, which were valued at more than $1 million at the time of his death, to the trust.<br />
Perry made news last week when he and many other celebrities who departed away from this life were honored in the 96th Academy Awards’ “In Memoriam” section.</p>

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