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When Will Microsoft Stop Supporting Android Apps on Windows Computers?

<p>Microsoft has said that as of March 5, 2025, it will no longer be providing official support for the Windows subsystem for Android. About three years ago, the software behemoth stated that it would be introducing Android applications to Windows 11 via a collaboration with Amazon’s App Store. Microsoft has now officially announced the termination of support for the Windows Subsystem for AndroidTM (WSA) on their website. Consequently, all apps and games that rely on WSA will no longer be supported starting next year, including the Windows version of the Amazon App Store.</p>
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<p>The same release states that customers would still be able to access downloaded Android applications from the Amazon Appstore beyond the deadline. “Customers who installed Android apps or the Amazon Appstore before March 5, 2024, will be able to access those apps until the deprecation date of March 5, 2025,” the warning reads.</p>
<p>However, when Microsoft terminates the Windows Subsystem for Android, customers won’t be able to download any new applications. Users of Windows 11 will also be unable to search the Microsoft Store for related Android applications or the Amazon Appstore starting on March 6 of this year.</p>
<p>Given that Microsoft has been upgrading the Windows Subsystem for Android constantly over the last several years, many customers have expressed dismay at this unexpected action on the part of the company. Amazon has also released an official statement on Microsoft’s choice. According to The Verge, Amazon pledges to provide “a smooth end-to-end support experience for developers and customers of the Amazon App Store on Windows 11” to the Windows Subsystem for Android users.</p>
<p>They said that starting on March 5, developers won’t be able to submit new programs for Windows 11. The statement said, “After March 5, 2024, developers will no longer be able to submit net new apps targeting Windows 11; however, developers with existing apps may continue to submit app updates until the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 is completely discontinued.”</p>
<p>Previously, Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android seemed to be a perfect rival to Apple’s adaptability in enabling consumers to run their iOS applications on macOS. As a result, they teamed up with Amazon, but the experience wasn’t as smooth as Apple’s since the Google Play Store wasn’t officially supported. It is most likely the main factor in Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting Android apps on Windows 11.</p>

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