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Producer of the Sunny Deol film “The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy,” Dhirajlal Shah, dies in Mumbai

<p><strong>Dhirajlal Shah Death:</strong> On March 11, Dhirajlal Shah, a Bollywood producer, died away at a Mumbai hospital. Hasmukh, the late producer’s brother, confirmed the news of Shah’s passing, saying that he passed away early on Monday. After his health deteriorated during the previous 20 days, he was taken to the intensive care unit.</p>
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<p>“He had Covid, post that he developed an issue with his lungs,” his brother said to ETimes. We had to admit him to the intensive care unit after his condition worsened over the last 20 days. He had multiple organ failure as a consequence of problems with his heart and kidneys.</p>
<p>“The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy,” which included Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, and Priyanka Chopra in the key parts, was produced by Shah. Anil Sharma, the film’s director, told ETimes that he was saddened by Dhirajlal Shah’s passing and said, “He was not only a good producer but a very lovely soul.” In a sense, the video universe he had built was revolutionary. He will be missed.</p>
<p>Producer Harish Sughand said, “His life transformed and he became the video king once he purchased Shahenshah’s video rights. He had the rights to almost every movie.”</p>
<p>He also supported the Ajay Devgn-led “Vijaypath” and presented every film in the Akshay Kumar-starring “Khiladi” trilogy.</p>
<p>Jimit Shah, his son, and his two daughters, Shital Punit Goel and Sapna Dhiraj Shah, survive him. His wife, Manju Dhiraj Shah, also survives him.</p>

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