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DYK Imran Khan saw a mental health professional four times a week for seven years, completing 2500 days of therapy

<p>Imran Khan, the chocolate boy of Bollywood, appears to be returning to the film industry after a protracted absence. The performer had cut ties with movies, the spotlight, and social media. However, since returning to social media, he has begun sharing a lot of personal information. He was also present at the marriage of Aamir Khan’s sister, Ira Khan, and her husband. In a recent interview, Imran disclosed that he has been dealing with mental health concerns for the past seven years and is currently receiving treatment for them.<br />
Imran engaged in an affective thought.</p>
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<p>Imran Khan talked about his decision to leave Bollywood in 2015 after “Katti Batti” in a recent interview with Vogue India. Many people thought that his decision was the result of a lengthy list of box office failures. The actor revealed that he had a profound emotional understanding of his struggles. Imran recalled that period of time and said he was too lazy to put in the time, effort, and energy needed to continue in this line of work.</p>
<p>Imran was experiencing internal brokenness.</p>
<p>Imran Khan went on to say that he was unable to attend events or socialize with people in the hopes of receiving a movie offer. “I wanted to fix it because I felt broken from the inside out.” See a physiotherapist if you pull a hamstring. Seek therapy if you’re not feeling well mentally,’ advised the actor.</p>
<p>Imran also disclosed information about his therapy sessions during the interview. For the past seven years, he has been seeing the therapist four times a week. Speaking of it as a “pivotal decision” in his life, the actor clarified, saying, “Anybody who has given up alcohol or any addiction will be able to tell you how many days they were alcohol-free.” My mental health is the same. It became apparent on March 13, 2017. 2,500 days have passed since then.</p>

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