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India’s Fastest Growing Label, Rising Indie Music, Collaborates with Javed Ali for Upcoming Release

Legendary singer Javed Ali has made headlines once again as news of his upcoming music video release surfaces. The music video, soon to be released by India’s fastest growing music label, Rising Indie Music, has already generated a lot of excitement among fans.


Founder of Rising Indie Music, Karan Patel, expressed his admiration for Javed Ali, stating that he has been a great fan of the singer since his teenage years. This collaboration is a dream come true for him, and he is thrilled that the song is finally being released. Patel also mentioned that when he and executive producer Vipin Medhekar were discussing the video, they wanted it to be realistic and engaging. As a result, they chose renowned theater and filmmaker, Sunil Huske, to direct the music video.


The music for the song has been composed by Dua Amaan and Ayaan. Sunil Huske revealed that during the casting process, he and Karan Patel had a few names in mind for the lead role. Eventually, they decided to cast famous RJ and Bigg Boss contestant Shardul Pandit as the main lead. For the female lead, they chose popular television and web series actress Vindhya Tiwari.


When Shardul Pandit was asked about his reaction upon hearing the song by Javed Ali, he recalled his first meeting with director Sunil Huske. Initially, the meeting was about a dance number, but during the discussions, Karan Patel mentioned the song. The moment Shardul heard it, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the project and spent two hours discussing ideas and concepts with the team.


Vindhya Tiwari expressed her gratitude for working with director Sunil and producer Karan, stating that she was honored that they chose her for the role. She mentioned that she loved the professional ambiance on set and appreciated Sunil’s clear vision. She feels proud of the team for creating such a meaningful project.


Karan Patel emphasized the importance of giving new singers a chance to shine, as Rising Indie Music aims to provide opportunities to talented newcomers in the industry. In the past, the music label has collaborated with actors like Karanvir Bohra, Poonam Pandey, and Sushant Pujari. They have also worked with renowned singers such as Salman Ali, Altamash Faridi, Mohd. Danish, and Ram Shankar.


Fans eagerly await the release of Javed Ali’s highly anticipated music video and are excited to see the magic that Rising Indie Music and its talented team have created.

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