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BTS V, also known as While serving in the military, Kim Taehyung asks his fans to remember him; the army responds, saying, “We will wait for you.”

<p>BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently used Weverse and Instagram to connect with fans and share his sincere views while he and the other members of BTS are serving in the military. “Armies, you haven’t forgotten us, right? V posted a dancing practice session of their 2021 chart-topping hit “Permission To Dancing” on his Instagram story. Is my breathing still normal? Would you just consider us sometimes, okay?</p>
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<p>V continued to communicate with fans on Weverse, answering messages in a kind and considerate manner. “Taehyung-ah, I’m thinking about you like I’m breathing,” a fan said. You never cease to shine in my heart. I’ll never forget. Stay well and in good health. I remain here, unaltered. I color you purple.” V said, “Then I’m glad to hear that/it’s a relief to hear that. I thought I was just the only one who’s one-sided.”</p>
<p>In response to fans’ questions about his fitness regimen and general well-being, V revealed his plans, stating, “I’m now shooting Kim Taehyung’s private life. 86 kg is achievable if I keep doing this and continue to eat, work out, and train in this manner. Just hold off for a moment. In a year, I plan to shed some pounds and snap a photo of my wonderful new muscles.</p>
<p>Known for their commitment to their fan base, BTS has prepared enough material to keep ARMYs occupied while they’re away. Hashtags like “WE LOVE YOU, KIM TAEHYUNG” and “WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU, BTS” were popular on X (previously Twitter) in reaction to V’s heartfelt remarks.</p>
<p>While Jin and Jhope are scheduled to be released from the military early in 2024, V, together with members Suga, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook, is anticipated to return in 2025. Fans, who have remained steadfast in their love and support for BTS over this time, are looking forward to the group’s return.</p>

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