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International Riders Shine as BigRock Motorsports Secures First Championship Title in the Indian Supercross Racing League

<p>With the final leg of the first edition held in Bengaluru, the CEAT Indian Super League (ISRL) has concluded its debut season. BigRock Motorsport won all three of the categories in a commanding performance. (International 450cc, International 250cc, and India 250cc Mix)</p>
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<p>After some incredible rides from their riders, Big Rock went on to win by maintaining their top spot in the standings. Mat Moss, an Australian, won the 450cc international class, Reid Taylor, another Australian, won the 250cc international class, and Thanarat Penjan won the 250cc India Asia Mix.</p>
<p>These are the results for every category from the Bengaluru leg of the first season of the Indian Super League.</p>
<p><strong>International 450cc</strong></p>
<p>The French sensation Jordi Tixier of BB Racing won both of the races held on the 450cc world stage. In the first race, he was able to set records with a time of 8:13:04, and in the second, he improved with a time of 8:11:054.</p>
<p><strong>International 250cc</strong></p>
<p>Hugo Manzato, another Frenchman, showed off his skills by winning both of the 250cc international races. In order to win, he recorded timings of 7:43:864 and 7:46:967.</p>
<p><strong>India Asia Mix, 250cc</strong></p>
<p>The first three places in both races were taken by Thai riders, who dominated the 250cc India Asia Mix class. Athison Ruadero won the second race in 7:04:564, while Ben Prasit Hallgren won the first in 7:12:310.</p>
<p><strong>Demo 85cc</strong></p>
<p>With a timing of 57.937, Brian Gyles from Thailand, competing on behalf of the Gujarat Trailblazers, was victorious in the 85cc class. The Thai racer went on to win and set himself apart from the others even though this was not a sanctioned competitive event.</p>
<p>More than 8,000 people watched the Bengaluru event, which launched a new chapter in Indian racing history by exhibiting some intense action and elite riders. The show also included the All-Star competition, which assembled some of the best riders on the roster for an exciting match.</p>
<p>The ISRL will aim to return for a much larger and better second edition when the first season ends.</p>

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