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Janneke Schopman leaves her position as Indian women’s hockey team’s head coach

<p>Janneke Schopman, the head coach of the Indian women’s hockey team, resigned on Friday, after days of controversy caused by her assertion that the national federation did not respect and appreciate her sufficiently.</p>
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<p>After leading the team to an unprecedented fourth place in the Tokyo Olympics under Sjoerd Marine’s leadership, the Dutch coach assumed control of the women’s squad in 2021.</p>
<p>In January 2020, Schopman became an analytical coach for the Indian women’s squad, working with Marijne. Her contract was set to expire in August of this year after the Olympics in Paris, but it was anticipated that she wouldn’t stick around in light of her previous criticism.</p>
<p>Following the team’s performance in the home leg of the FIH Hockey Pro League in Odisha, the 46-year-old coach submitted her resignation to Hockey India President Dilip Tirkey, according to a statement from Hockey India (HI).</p>
<p>“Her resignation has opened the door for Hockey India to search for a suitable Chief Coach for the Women’s Hockey Team who could prepare the Indian Team for the next Women’s World Cup in 2026 and Los Angeles Olympics in 2028,” the organization stated in a release. “She resigned due to disappointment at the recent Olympic Qualifiers.”</p>
<p>The statement went on, “It’s time to start a new chapter in Indian women’s hockey with the players’ progress at the center of our focus.”</p>
<p>Following a Pro League game in Odisha, Schopman broke down in a mixed zone conversation and said that Hockey India was treating the men’s coaches differently.</p>
<p>“Over the last two years, I’ve felt a lot of alone. I’m from a society that values and respects women. Here, I don’t feel that way,” she had said.</p>
<p>“As a woman who worked in the USA after moving from the Netherlands, I can attest to how challenging this nation is for women. coming from a society that values individuality and allows for the expression of one’s opinions. It’s rather challenging.</p>
<p>Hockey India said that all of the coaches were on an equal footing with the men’s squad and that they received no special treatment.</p>
<p>Under Schopman, the Indian squad performed well, taking home 38 victories, 17 draws, and 19 losses from 74 games.</p>
<p>The team’s greatest accomplishment while her tenure is still their championship win in the 2023 Asian Champions Trophy. But it was a huge letdown not to make it to the Olympics in Paris.</p>

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