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Exclusive: Mannara Chopra of Bigg Boss 17 responds to rumors that she is romantically involved with Munawar Faruqui by saying, “I’m not a girl who believes in flings.”

<p>Throughout the duration of Bigg Boss 17, the close relationship between Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui sparked curiosity among both viewers and fellow housemates, leading to speculations about the true nature of their connection. Following the conclusion of the show, Mannara sat down for an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, shedding light on her conflicts with Ankita Lokhande and addressing her friendship with Munawar.</p>
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<p>She delved into the constant rumors and link-ups with Munawar, addressing whether it made her self-conscious. Regarding Ankita Lokhande calling her names after a specific task, Mannara revealed her perspective on the situation and expressed optimism about things normalizing outside the show.</p>
<p>Reflecting on her friendship with Ankita post the show, Mannara emphasized that everyone has moved beyond the game, and the relationships are amicable. She acknowledged Ankita’s feelings of missing her family and dogs, expressing confidence that everything will be okay.</p>
<p>Discussing her bond with Munawar, Mannara credited Bigg Boss for playing a pivotal role in bringing them together as friends. She clarified that their friend circles within the house were different, but their bond grew naturally in the challenging environment of the Bigg Boss house, providing her with the emotional support she needed.</p>
<p>Addressing the nature of her connection with Munawar, Mannara clarified that she does not believe in flings and values deep emotional connections. She emphasized her gratitude towards Munawar, expressing well wishes for his future. Mannara concluded by stating that her journey in Bigg Boss was driven by earning the support of fans and being appreciated for her vibe and authenticity.</p>

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