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This Sport Has The Highest Risk Of Head Injuries—Not Football Or Cricket

<p>When it comes to outdoor activities and vigorous sports, there is always a chance of injury. The question of which game has the most risk to one’s health is often discussed. It is crucial to realize that combat sports like boxing and UFC are not included in our analysis. People use protective gear in other sports, such as football and cricket, to be cautious about being hurt. Research has shown that tennis is the game with the highest risk of brain injuries. In their study, researchers acknowledged that although the likelihood of suffering a brain injury while playing tennis is low, it is not impossible. This assertion has been thoroughly discussed in a paper that was published in the ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics.</p>
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<p>Yongqiang Li, a student of mechanical engineering professor Jin Lin Gao, and his team used computer modeling to get the findings. Researchers looked at what may happen if a tennis ball were to strike a person’s head at different angles, speeds, and locations. They found that while concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries are rare, they may occur when a tennis ball travels at a speed greater than 40 m/s. This is faster than the sprint of a leopard.</p>
<p>The research found that the side of the head is more likely than the forehead or top of the head to be impacted by the ball. It is noted that the likelihood of damage rises at an angle of ninety degrees and falls at an angle of thirty to sixty degrees.</p>
<p>Players in soccer and football have very little likelihood of being wounded in a fall or collision. On the other hand, there is very little chance that a player in a game like cricket would hit their head since they are wearing helmet.</p>
<p>Although a tennis ball may not seem very hazardous, its impact may be rather serious. Brain functioning may be impacted by its damage. Although a concussion does not always result in death, it may cause headaches and difficulties concentrating for weeks or months after the accident.</p>

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