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“MS Dhoni Might Play for Two to Three Seasons,” the Indian player said of the CSK captain’s good recovery. “My Final IPL Match Will Be in Chennai,”

<p>In anticipation of the next Indian Premier League season, which is anticipated to begin in late March, MS Dhoni has begun his preparations. The skipper of the Chennai Super Kings has participated in every one of the IPL’s 16 seasons to date, spending 15 with the CSK and 2 with the Rising Pune Supergiants.</p>
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<p>Despite suffering from a knee injury of his own last year, which required emergency surgery after the season, Dhoni guided CSK to an incredible sixth championship victory.</p>
<p>Although it was thought that Dhoni’s career will end with IPL 2023, the captain of CSK subsequently said he would play one more season.</p>
<p>Dhoni’s colleague at CSK, Deepak Chahar, believes the 42-year-old still has three more seasons left in him hitting in the nets the way he has been.</p>
<p>“In my opinion, Dhoni has a lot to offer cricket. He is still good for two or three seasons. He’s batted in the nets, I’ve seen. According to PTI, Chahar said, “Obviously, he had an injury that anyone can have; people at 24 have the same injury that he has.”</p>
<p>He’s made a full recovery. I think he should continue playing for another two to three years. But the decision is his. He announced to everyone that he will be playing his last game in Chennai. He’s going to decide, I believe. It will be very tough for us to play for CSK without him. Everyone has seen CSK with Mahi bhai (always),” he said.</p>
<p>However, Chahar believes that as Dhoni is nearing the end of his playing career, he should enjoy this time and not put any pressure on the squad.</p>
<p>“This is the end of his career; he shouldn’t be accepting it at this point. He ought to be relishing the freedom from accountability and pressure to lead the squad. He has trained a great deal of cricket players, including Ravindra Jadeja and other players who are competent at their craft, according to Chahar.</p>
<p>Regarding his personal friendship with Dhoni, Chahar said that it took two to three years for him to feel at ease in Dhoni’s company.</p>
<p>“It took me two to three years to adjust to him (Dhoni).” He remarked, “I think he treats me like a younger brother, but I see him as an elder brother.”</p>
<p>“We enjoy our good times. We spent a lot of time playing PUBG together during lockdown. Together, we engaged in a lot of gaming. Outside of the field, we were together all the time. He said, “I’ve been fortunate to learn so much from him.</p>
<p>Chahar is focused on the 2024 T20 World Cup and hopes to lead India to a resurgence.</p>
<p>The 31-year-old has acknowledged that it was Dhoni who gave him the opportunity to establish his value and get access to the Indian squad.</p>
<p>“I would say that it was only because of him that I was able to play for India; before to that, he offered me an incredible opportunity to participate in all 14 IPL games. I participated in all 14 games in 2018,” remarked Chahar.</p>

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