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View Here: Shoaib Malik’s Wife Sana Javed Was Brutally Trolling Her Husband for Posting Pictures in Lehengas

<p>The word has been circulating about Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s third marriage to Sana Javed. The actress has been the target of trolling ever since, and most recently, she was cruelly ridiculed for posting pictures of herself wearing a lehenga. The images were produced in association with a company. She has been the target of harsh criticism and outrage from online users, which has sparked an intense discussion on social media.</p>
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<p>Sana Javed portrays herself as graceful and stylish while wearing an exquisite lehenga in the pictures she shares on her Instagram account. But instead of getting compliments on her wardrobe choices, she was met with insults and trolls right away. The post is receiving constant comments from online users. Despite being married to Sania Mirza, a podcast on the news station Samaa TV recently said that Malik and Sana had been having an affair and had intimate interactions for the previous three years.</p>
<p>According to the podcast, Sana had only been separated from her ex-husband Umair Jaswal for three months when she got married to Malik. According to the podcast, Malik would only accept invitations to participate on the channel’s programming if Sana was also contacted.</p>
<p>According to a podcast producer, they had been deeply engaged in an affair for the previous three years. Umair was unaware of this, but last year Sania Mirza and her family—as well as Malik’s family—found out. The producer said, “Attempts were made to resolve the situation, but Malik didn’t listen to anyone.”</p>
<p>It wasn’t until the former cricket player and Sana posted a picture from their marriage that Malik and Sania’s current separation became public. Pakistanis have been quite supportive of Sania Mirza ever after Shoaib Malik announced that he was now wed to Sana Javed.</p>
<p>Malik and Sania were wed in 2010 in Hyderabad, India, with much fanfare; Sana and Jaswal were wedded in a private ceremony in 2020. Malik is now dealing with a different set of problems, all related to match-fixing.</p>
<p>According to reports in the Bangladeshi media, there are allegations of “match-fixing,” which has led to the termination of Shoaib Malik’s contract with the Bangladeshi Premier League.</p>

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