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“It Was Extremely, Extremely Average”: England Icon Slams Rohit Sharma for Lack of Initiative in Hyderabad

<p>In the current five-match Test series between England and India, the home side is leading 1-0, and Michael Vaughan believes that Rohit Sharma’s “average” leadership in Hyderabad let the home team down.</p>
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<p>India had taken a 190-run lead in the first innings of the Test, and England was chasing the match after the first two days of play. However, the visitors recovered to win the match in four days.</p>
<p>“I felt that Rohit Sharma’s captaincy in India’s first-Test loss in Hyderabad was very, very average.” I didn’t believe he maneuvered his field or took the initiative to alter his bowling style because I felt he was so reactionary. Additionally, he was unable to respond to Ollie Pope’s sweeps or reverse sweeps, according to Vaughan’s piece in The Telegraph.</p>
<p>Vaughan is quite happy with England’s victory, calling it the “finest Test” victory of his career.</p>
<p>Ollie Pope, who missed out on a double-century by four runs, and Tom Hartley, who claimed seven wickets in India’s second innings, had outstanding performances that helped England overcome expectations and defeat their mediocre performance during the first two days of play. England won by a margin of 28 runs.</p>
<p>England has had some incredible victories away from home, but Vaughan, who captained the squad in 51 of the 82 Tests he played for his country, believes that their most recent victory surpasses all others.</p>
<p>“This is the best England Test match win of my life—beating this India squad handily. Over the years, England has had some incredible victories away from home. However, Vaughan observed, “What England did in Hyderabad just beats them all. In my opinion, it’s the best.”</p>
<p>India has only lost a Test match after gaining a lead of more than 100 runs in the first innings three times in their history. The first occurred in the 2015 Galle Test, while the second occurred in 2022 at Edgbaston.</p>
<p>“No one harms India in their own backyard.” Observe what England has conquered. India is among the best home-based Test teams ever. The wicket turned quite a bit. And England were down by 190 runs after the first innings. India is really proud of what England have accomplished; they have never lost a Test match at home while trailing by this much. In all the time I have played English cricket, this is by far the finest victory, home or away, Vaughan said.</p>

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