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Orris Group: Building Your Ideal Commercial Realm with a History of Excellence

In the dynamic world of real estate, Orris Group stands tall as a beacon of experience, trust & credibility. Boasting a legacy of more than 17 years, Orris has etched its mark by constructing over 7 million square feet and serving more than 5000 customers. Beyond merely erecting structures, Orris has intricately woven dreams into the very essence of its developments. 


Over the years, they have honed their expertise, adapting to changing market dynamics and consistently delivering projects that stand the test of time. With a foundation built on ethical values, Orris has earned the trust of its customers, making them a preferred choice in the real estate landscape. Their track record of successfully delivering previous projects as per the promise, further attests to the trust and satisfaction of their discerning clientele.



Demonstrating its stellar standing, Orris Gateway’s Shop cum Office plots have seen a surge in demand resulting in a sold-out status, with only a handful of plots remaining. Spanning over 9 acres, this project is a testament to Orris Group’s commitment to creating vibrant and sought-after projects.



Customized Commercial Spaces

Acknowledging that a commercial space encapsulates individual dreams and aspirations, Orris empowers you to tailor your commercial space, ensuring it authentically reflects your business personality and preferences. 

This distinctive proposition not only permits investors to plan and customize shops based on specific business requirements but also opens avenues for strategic decision-making aligned with commercial objectives. For those seeking a commercial property investment tailored to their vision and operational needs, Orris Group’s offering stands out as an enticing opportunity.

Strategic Location:

Orris Gateway’s plots, strategically situated along the bustling NH 8, present a brilliant investment opportunity for commercial properties. With close proximity to the airport, this location is poised to attract substantial footfall, enhancing the appeal for prospective investors.

Secure your investment in a location that seamlessly combines connectivity, visibility, and commercial prowess with Orris Group’s thoughtfully positioned plots.


Right Investment:


As the last few plots await their rightful owners, now is the time to invest in the future crafted by 

Orris Group. Beyond providing basic infrastructure, Orris Gateway plot gives you the freedom to shape your commercial space, tailoring it to your vision. Surrounded by a huge catchment of 50,000+ families, Orris Gateway is all set to be the next hotspot of Gurugram. The delivery of previous projects and the high demand for the current offering are a testament to the popularity of Orris Group amongst the investors.

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