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As Thangapathumai Reaches 65 Years Old, Estimate the Amount Paid to Shivaji Ganesan and Padmini

<p>The mainstays of Tamil film were Padmini and the late Shivaji Ganesan. Their excellent performances had a lasting impression on the audience. They worked together on a number of popular movies, including Thangapathumai and Vietnam Veedu. Shivaji and Padmini received a payment of Rs 60,000 at Thangapathumai.</p>
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<p>On Wednesday, Thangapathumai celebrated 65 years since its January 10, 1959, theatrical debut. This film, which was written and directed by ASA Sami, won praise from both reviewers and audiences. Shivaji and Padmini’s outstanding performance in the film was highly complimented by Kalki magazine. In this film, NS Krishnan, Saroja EV, MN Nambiar, and other actors performed as well.</p>
<p>The married doctor who serves the royal family is the focus of the movie. When the doctor is sent to the palace to heal the monarch, his whole existence changes. Here, the princess (M N Rajam) develops feelings for him and almost turns him into a slave. She’s trying to talk him out of going back to his wife. The main plot of the movie is on the wife’s journey to reconcile with her doctor husband.</p>
<p>In addition to her exceptional acting talent, Padmini is renowned for her dedication to her career. In a previous interview with a site, Sami remembered how Padmini used to carry the script while she walked around the shooting floor during the lunch break. He revealed how Padmini would continuously review the conversations and attempt to convey them with varying degrees of nuance.</p>
<p>The actress who played Maya Mohini in this movie, TR Rajakumari, was paid Rs 25,000 for the part. The filmmakers had attempted to get other women to accept the part prior to Rajakumari. Anjali Devi, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, and Lalitha were also asked by the makers, but they turned down the offer. Ultimately, Rajakumari decided to take on the difficult character of Maya Mohini in this film. She received praise for her flawless performance in the part.</p>
<p>The screenplay for Thangapathumai was written by ASA Sami and Aru Ramanathan after they were inspired by the movie The Egyptian.</p>

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