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After a nine-year delay, choreographer Ganesh Hegde’s directorial debut will take place this year | Exclusive

<p>Renowned choreographer Ganesh Hegde said in 2015 that he had intended to direct his first Bollywood film, but his plans never came to pass. But this is the right moment for him to bring the idea back to life, which will be his first time directing. Popular dances like Chammak Challo (Ra.One), Oo O Jane Jana (Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya), Aaj Mein Uper (Khamoshi: The Musical), and Alchoholia (Vikram Vedha) are choreographed by this choreographer. He exclusively tells News18 Showsha that his directorial debut is set to begin filming this year.</p>
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<p>I am now working on two projects simultaneously. One of them will undoubtedly begin filming this year. According to Hegde, who most recently choreographed the songs Va Va Voom and Dhishoom Dhishoom for The Archies, “my mind is occupied with both of these projects.”</p>
<p>But why did his intentions to make films be delayed by nine years? “We were close to wrapping up everything before the Covid-19 epidemic, and my script was ready. Then, however, everything stopped. The film business was taking its time to recover from the epidemic. After the epidemic, 2023 might be regarded as the finest year for our sector. The people who frequent the theaters have made up their minds about the type of movies they want to see. Hegde says, “For this reason, a creator must be very selective about the story that they choose to present.</p>
<p>He emphasizes the significance of keeping up with the changes, acknowledging that the screenplay he was working on a few years ago would not necessarily be relevant now. “There have been blockbuster films that didn’t do as well as expected. Conversely, viewers of certain flicks shelled out around a thousand crore for them. He states, “We must exercise extreme caution in selecting the tales to tell and the methods by which we want to convey them.</p>
<p>You should consider if a screenplay you considered writing five years ago would still be relevant and whether the topic will make a strong first impression. He continues, “And viewers now have the choice to view a movie on OTT four to five weeks after it opens in theaters.</p>
<p>He is now working on “a small rework” of his screenplay, even though he is not sure which distribution path he wants to follow for both of his movies. “To choose the best path for the story we want to convey, we must start again from scratch. We must devise a strategy to distribute it on OTT if it isn’t commercially feasible for theaters. I am crossing my fingers. I understand that I must wait for my turn and be patient if I want to do anything different,” Hegde says.</p>

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