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Shan Masood of Pakistan Demands “Country-Wide Search” To Track Down Australia’s David Warner’s Stolen Cap

<p>Shan Masood, the captain of Pakistan’s Test team, has pleaded with the Australian authorities to conduct a “country-wide search” after David Warner disclosed on social media that his “Baggy Green” cap had been taken.</p>
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<p>After his Baggy Green caps were lost, allegedly on the trip from Melbourne to Sydney for the Test match, Warner posted an emotional video to Instagram on Tuesday.</p>
<p>“This backpack had by saggy green inside of it. In an Instagram video, David Warner stated, “I would love to have it back in my hands walking out there come this week because it’s sentimental to me.”</p>
<p>Right immediately, the Australian government needs to launch a nationwide search. To get it back, we may need the greatest investigators, Fox Cricket reported Shan Masood as saying.</p>
<p>He has been an excellent representative, and he is deserving of all the admiration and gratitude for his amazing career. I’m hoping they locate it. For every cricket player, that’s the most valuable item, therefore I hope David Warner gets it back,” he said.</p>
<p>In an Instagram video, the seasoned opener—who is about to cap off an incredible 12-year Test career—expressed his anguish and the sentimental significance of the bag, which included his beloved Baggy Green cap. The third Test against Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground is scheduled to take place this coming weekend.</p>
<p>“Hello everyone, this is my very last resort, but my backpack—which held my Baggy Green—has been stolen from my luggage, which was delivered to the Melbourne airport and then, a few days ago, flown to Sydney on @qantas,” Warner tweeted.</p>
<p>“Although they may have blind spots, @qantas claims to have examined their cameras and not observed anybody open our luggage or steal the backpack. I have a bag if you are the person who, by accident, merely desired it and were either driving it to and from the airport for the firm or working for @qantas. If you could please get this back to me as soon as possible. Thank you,” he continued.</p>
<p>On January 3, the 37-year-old opener—who now ranks sixth in Australia’s run total—will play his farewell Test match at the SCG against Pakistan. The 37-year-old has amassed 8695 runs at a pace of 44.58 in Test cricket; at his home ground, he has amassed 793 runs at a rate of 49.56, including four centuries.</p>

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